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Cooking time
25 minutes

Wanted Vegan minced meat - 150g, tortillas - 3 pcs. red beans - 20g, corn - 20g, cilantro - 25g, green peas - 20g, lime - 1 pc. guacomole - 30g, red onion - 15g

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1 Heat a pan over medium heat.
2 Add oil and heat it.
3 Add the minced meat and season with salt and pepper to taste.
4 Cook the meat until it is golden brown and fully cooked. Add corn, peas, and other favorite vegetables and spices.
5 Cook everything together in the pan until the vegetables are tender.
6 Heat a tortilla or soft flatbread on a dry pan.
7 Place the cooked meat and vegetables on the tortilla.
8 Add a few fresh lettuce leaves or cilantro.
9 Cover with the top part of the tortilla.
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